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Udaan 27th April 2017 Written Episode Update

Udaan 28th April 2017 Written Episode Update and Udaan 28th April 2017 Video Watch Online on

The Episode starts with Vivaan asking Chakor to understand, as she is literate, she has seen the reports as well, I can’t father Imli’s child. Kasturi asks Chakor to say this is a lie. Chakor gets silent. Suraj asks Vivaan to stop blaming him, as there is nothing between him and Imli. Vivaan says fine, we will know this child’s father when time comes, but I will announce it, I abandon this woman now, I have no relation with her. Imli cries. Vivaan throws the ring and leaves. Imli picks the ring and cries. The people speak against Imli. Tejaswini asks them to leave.

Bhuvan and Kasturi cry. Vivaan comes home and sees Imli’s pic. He checks cupboard. He sees Imli asking him to get up, she will change the sheets. He throws her photos and throws sheets. He says I hate you Imli, go to him, with whom you did this. He ruins the room. Ragini comes to him and sees the pics. He says I understand you, this time is not to break down, you have to focus to repair your broken life, its good solution to divert mind, we will start gun factory, you show them you are not weak, you can do miracles by your smartness and hardwork. He says you are saying right Ragini, a new Vivaan Rajvanshi will be in front of everyone, who will have much money and power, people will think thousand times to cheat me.

Kasturi scolds Imli. Bhuvan holds Suraj for ruining Imli’s peace and happiness. Chakor says Suraj did not do anything, I trust him. Tejaswini says just Lord know truth now. Bhuvan asks who is the partner in this sin, tell me. Kasturi says just Imli knows the father of child, Vivaan said he can’t become father, you said Suraj is not the father of this child, tell me who is it. Imli shows Vivaan’s name tattoo and says he is the father of my child, you ask me thousand times, my answer will be same, Vivaan is the father of my child. Kasturi slaps her and asks her to answer who is the father of this child, if you don’t tell me, this house door will get shut for you forever. Imli cries. Bhuvan says Imli has no answer, I believe Vivaan more, I will support him, I always supported you Imli. Imli says yes.

He says if you lie now, I will not support you. She asks him to believe her, its Vivaan’s child. He says Vivaan can’t father a child, why are you putting your sin on a Devta type man, you won’t stay here now, come. Chakor stops him. Suraj asks Bhuvan to think with calm mind. Bhuvan says its our family matter, let me blow off the fire which you ignited.

Chakor says Imli will say truth, wait. She asks Imli to say truth, I fold hands in front of you. Kasturi asks Imli to say truth. Imli says I said truth, believe me. Kasturi sits crying. Tejaswini consoles her. Bhuvan drags Imli out of house and scolds her. He shuts the door. Imli cries. Chakor sees Imli from the window. She asks Bhuvan to call Imli. Imli leaves. The people talk. Chagan asks the villagers are they not understanding when Chakor explained, its not Suraj’s truth. Chakor and Suraj run after Imli. They hear the people. The lady says yes, Suraj changed, he can’t do this. The man asks Chagan whose child is this. Chakor asks where did Imli go. Suraj asks her to go and find Imli, I will manage at home. Imli walks on road and recalls everyone’s words. Chakor comes after her. She calls our Imli. Imli hears her and runs. Chakor asks her to listen. Chakor says she went in anger, she can do anything. Cars come their way. Chakor shouts Imli.


Udaan 1st May 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Vivaan says Suraj has ruined my life, Aazaadgunj is small place, I don’t think anyone can eye Rajvanshi family bahu badly, except Suraj. Chakor asks Suraj what did Vivaan see between you and Imli. Suraj says he is getting wrong meaning. She asks was there something. Suraj looks at her shocked.

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