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Why The Makers of HITLER Changed The Movie’s Title?


The makers of ‘Hitler’ have changed the movie’s title after the continuous pressure from Facebook and YouTube. One ‘E’ letter has been added in the title, the production company informed.


The movie will now be called ‘Hitleer’. “We faced problems to create accounts on Facebook and Twitter and that’s why we had to change the title. We depreciate Facebook and Twitter’s this step which is against the worldwide freedom of expression,” Saurav Dhakal, the director of the film said.

The makers however have continued the Nepali name and didn’t change any letter. “We also faced difficulties in viewers counting on YouTube. Facebook even sent me an email saying we can’t use that name.”

Made under the banner of Ashtanarayan Pictures, the film stars Sohit Manandhar and Samiya Bataula. The film that tells the story of a young girl will be releasing on Jestha 12, 2074.


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