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Here’s why Prabhas’ Saaho teaser reminded us of Captain America: Civil War and Fast and Furious 8

Prabhas is ready to work on his next big project after the mammoth Baahubali saga, which happens to be Saaho.


Prabhas is ready to work on his next big project after the mammoth Baahubali saga, which happens to be Saaho. Since Baahubali made him such a huge known icon across the country, everyone is eager to know what he is about to do next. Surely, he cannot do anything less, so Saaho should be a really interesting project to watch out. Then surprise… surprise, the teaser of Saaho just landed on the net, and it confirms our beliefs about the project – Saaho is definitely interesting. This despite, Prabhas hasn’t started shooting for the movie, since he is too busy promoting Baahubali, a movie for which he has invested five years for. If Baahubali is a period drama, Saaho looks futuristic. The movie is directed by Sujeeth, which also happens to be his second movie.

Anyway, like I said before the teaser looks interesting, with some curious visuals that look different. Check out the first scene where some guy is seen falling down from a building before he crashes into some sort of glass, that we realise is the screen…

Then we see a girl swimming underwater that looks so dreamy that it reminded me of Scarlett Johannson’s underwater sequence in Akira…

Before the scene zooms out of Prabhas’ eye and we see his bloodied face, with a voiceover of some villain saying that they shouldn;t have beaten him up so badly.

To which some other guys say, that’s not his blood, but of their people. Cool! Then Prabhas wipes off the blood from his face and says its showtime…

So far so cool! However it’s the last scene that intrigued us. We see a person with a flying jetpack jumping from a building and flying away, before he is joined by another jet-packer, and both fly together. What has Saaho just become???

Interestingly the jet pack scene is not something new that we have seen. If you are a Marvel fan, this would remind you of Captain America’s friend Sam Wilson aka Falcon, who has a wing-like jet-pack as seen in Captain America: Winter Soldier and Civil War, and even in Ant-Man.

There is also a similar scene in the recently released Fast and Furious 8 where (SPOILER ALERT) Jason Statham and Luke Evans gatecrash into Charlize Theron’s plane to rescue Vin Diesel’s baby in the climax.

Hmm…well what do have to say about Prabhas’s inspired jet-packing adventure?

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