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Beware Kapil Sharma! Sunil Grover is coming up with a new show titled ‘The Comedy Family’? View pic

The Comedy Family

Say what? Is this Sunil Grover’s new show to challenge The Kapil Sharma Show? Read on to get the full story…

The Comedy Family
The Comedy Family

It’s almost over a month since Sunil Grover walked out of The Kapil Sharma Show. While some said the two comedians might bury the hatchet and reconcile for a new beginning but that clearly ain’t happening for both Sunil and Kapil have moved far ahead in their lives. In fact, check out this latest update. While Kapil is struggling hard with his solo stint on his maiden show. Sunil just posted a poster of his new show titled ‘My Comedy Family’ with Ali Asgar, Chandan Prabhakar and Sugandha Mishra . Yes, the entire troop is seen in their popular avatars with Ali dressed as Dadi and Sunil as Dr Mashoor Gulati. So is it like Sunil is going to carry the same characters on his new show? Is Sunil’s show replacing The Kapil Sharma Show? Well, before you speculate any further, let’s clarify ‘My Comedy Family’ is nothing but another live show rolling out of Sunil’s kitty.

Ever since Sunil has fallen out with Kapil, he has been making the most out of his popularity by doing live gigs across the country. So it comes as no surprise that he’s coming up with this yet another show titled ‘My Comedy Family’ in Ahmedabad this time. Taking up to Facebook, Sunil captioned the poster saying, “Ahmedabad see you on 27th May! Garmi ma Mango Khau su! Badha sathe aau chu..!” This is the first time Sunil will be performing in Ahmedabad and we really have no doubts on the show being full house.

Here, check out Sunil’s post:


If this is how Sunil plans to escalate his popularity, then that day definitely isn’t that far when the comedian will launch is own show against The Kapil Sharma Show, which is already drowning in competition from other reality shows like Nach Baliye 8 and Sa Re Ga Ma Pa L’il champs. The ratings of the show have dropped to half of what it used to be with Sunil, Ali, and Chandan. According to the recent report of BARC India, Kapil Sharma’s show has dropped from 7 million impressions to just 3.9 million impressions in a short span of one month.

In that case, do you think Sunil is going to beat hands down? Share your thoughts in the comments and keep watching this space for more.

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