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Sarabhai vs Sarabhai Season 2’s first trailer is OUT and we couldn’t be more excited about it

Sarabhai vs Sarabhai Season 2

“Masala Maarke is gastronomically middle-class”, Maya – The Saas Queen is back with Sarabhai vs Sarabhai Season 2!

Sarabhai vs Sarabhai Season 2
Sarabhai vs Sarabhai Season 2

Look what just made our day even better! Sarabhai vs Sarabhai Season 2’s trailer is out FINALLY! And it’s everything we expected it to be. It will literally make you watch the entire series again. The essence of the characters is just like it was in the first season and nostalgia will hit you so hard, you won’t get out of it for a really long time. Maya’s witty and sarcastic comments, Monisha’s middle-class tactics, Roshesh’s poetry and everything that we loved the show for is right there in the trailer. If you were scared or sceptical about the second season of the magnificent show, all your doubts will just go away.

The trailer starts with a pin drop silence before Madhu Fufa goes all ‘Hain?’ and Monisha(Rupali Ganguly) comes barging in with suggestions for the name of the second season. Well, the catch here is that the fans get to decide what the second season will be called. Though the actors have also suggested names for the show, we can’t help coming up with some of our own titles and even more excited to see how fans are reacting. And we heard what we were dying to hear. Monisha suggests “Sarabhai vs Sarabhai: Masala Maarke” to which Maya(Ratna Pathak Shah) says,” Masala Maarke is gastronomically middle-class”.

My only reaction after this dialogue was “Sass queen is BACK!” Just the kind of humour we were looking forward to. The makers posted a video on Hotstar’s Facebook and fans have been bombarding the video with comments and suggestion. Check out the trailer right here.

Hotstar Originals: Sarabhai v Sarabhai

ATTN: The Sarabhai family is in dire need of YOUR help!

Hotstar 发布于 2017年4月18日

Excited, much? This is an awesome way of getting the audience all pumped up about the show. We wonder what the second season of this show will be called! We’re definitely going to watch the entire series again till the second season goes on-air. We loved Maya’s sarcastic comeback and Madusudhan Fufa’s dialogues in the trailer. What were your favourite moments in the trailer? Tell us in the comments below and stay hooked with us for more.

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