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PARVA Trailer : Namrata Shrestha with mindboggling and deadly look

Namrata Shrestha and Koshish Chhetri

The theatrical trailer of ‘Parva’ has been released. The trailer and a motion poster were released yesterday at Rising Mall in the presence of whole cast and crew.

Namrata Shrestha and Koshish Chhetri
Namrata Shrestha and Koshish Chhetri

PARVA is an upcoming 2017 Nepali movie which is directed by Dinesh Raut who is known for making love stories, has tried his hand in different genre for the first time. This is his fourth movie after ‘I am Sorry’, ‘November Rain’ and ‘Classic’. Talking about his experience making this suspense thriller, Dinesh said, “When I first heard the story, I didn’t think I could make it. I was not sure that I could pull off this genre. But I found that whatever genre it is, the process of filmmaking is same. No matter in which genre it is, cinema is cinema.”

The film is  produced by Nikita Poudel and Subas Giri under the banner of Gopi Krishna Tv Filmy Production and Subas Entertainment.It has Koshish Chhetri’s story, Kiran Michaeal Ghimire’s screenplay and dialogue and Himal KC’s action.

The film stars Namrata Shrestha and Koshish Chhetri are in lead roles.It also features Mala Limbu,Keshav Bhattrai, Jebicca Karki, Amitesh Shah, Priya Rijal and Shreyansh Timilsina in supporting roles.

Watch Trailer Here:

The trailer looks mindboggling and exciting and promises lots of thrills.Namrata Shresthra has once again surprised us with her deadly look in the movie. Koshish Chhetri, the leading man, plays a writer and he looks convincing in the character.

Namrata Shresthra seemed confident about ‘Parva’. “We always try to give our best to each project and we have done the same this time, too. It is a wonderful movie and the rest you will find yourself in theatre,” she said.“I play the character called Riya. She is totally different from whoever I am in reality. I haven’t done such character before and it’s this character that forced me to do this movie,” Jebbica Karki said at the event.

The film is scheduled for release on 26 May 2017(22 Jestha 2074).

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