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Ozzy Osbourne: ‘I wish I had been a better dad’


Ozzy Osbourne regrets the relationship he had with his kids when they were growing up – because he was never there for them.

The issue came to a head recently during a family row with his son Jack when the rocker suggested the TV star was spoiled, asking him what he has ever wanted that he didn’t get.

“He says, ‘A father,” Ozzy recalls in a new chat with Rolling Stone. “That hit me between the eyes like a f**king rock. I turned to him on the spot (and said), ‘Jack, I’m so f**king sorry.

“My ego was running the show. I thought I had the right to be whatever I wanted to be. That’s not the case, because when you bring someone into the world you’ve got a responsibility.”

And Ozzy insists he should have learned a few lessons from his wife Sharon.

“She is one of these mothers who’d fly around the world, come back to England and take the kids to a zoo or a movie, or whatever,” he says. “I was in a f**king bar, on the floor all the time, which I’m not proud of.”

The former Black Sabbath frontman is also not proud of the way he has treated some fans, recalling a cinema trip with his wife when he lashed out at a devotee who just wanted to chat.

“I wasn’t in a particularly good mood and this kid comes up to me and I said, ‘Listen, I’m not in a good place’, and they kept going,” he adds. “I went, ‘Look, f**k off’. And my wife went, ‘Don’t you ever say that. They’re the reason we’re here’. So I said, ‘I’m sorry’. But it’s not every f**king minute I’m feeling like Santa Claus.”

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