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Manmarziyan-ARRADHU’S love story. EPISODE 11


THe story starts with….
The bullet comes,
RAdhika’s bag falls down,it misses.
Arjun sees it nd shouts radhika.
RAdhika sees him nd sees the bullet near her,

Arjun sees the bullet missed nd feels relaxed
RAdhika gets afraid
Arjun runs to her
RAdhika doesnt know wat happening,she just gets shock ,she gets stuned.
ARjun:radhika did anything happen to u
RAdhika doesnt speak
ARjun:radhika speak.

ARjun gets worried for him.
Arjun takes his mobile nd calls to shiv nd speaks about this incident.
RAdhika hugs him,
ARjun:radhika nothing dear,anything wont will happen to u till i am with u .
radhika while hugging him thinks of bullet coming near her,he tights the hug.
Now arjun also hugs her nd caresses her hair nd says radhika dont worry,nothing dont think about anything,u r fine.
ARjun thinks thank god she got saved.
RAdhika comes to the presence nd breaks the hug

RAdhika:sorry sir
Arjun:radhu no problem,nothing wil be happen to u,keep faith in me…
RAdhika sees him
Arjun:radhu come i wil drop u.
ARjun catches radhika’s hand and calls her nd goes to his car..
RAdhika recalls the moment happened before nd thinks y arjun care for me,y he is giving me false hopes,god i am developing feelings for him,no no no he will be committed i should not,.
RAdhika:sir i will get down here
ARjun:radhu ur house is not here right??
RAdhika:yes sir but i have to buy some groceries

ARjun:okay i will accompany u
RAdhika:no sir i will go alone.
RAdhika steps out of the car…,

ARjun also steps out,
Arjun:radhika do u want to go alone after this incident
RAdhika:yes sir after this incident only i have to go alone,i dont need this life sir nd sir y do u care for,y r u trying to protect me,am i ur sister?or ur wife?or ur girlfriend?or ur mother?or ur relative.. no i am just a third person.
ARjun:radhika this is not abnt relationship,the duty of the police is to protect people.
RAdhika:ok sir,there are more than 2o crores of people in our country,u can save many ,why do u want to save me,and every one will face death,i am just facing earlier thats the difference.
ARjun tries to speak

RAdhika:wait sir i have not completed,And please sir give me ur answer who i am to u ,i know police duty is to protect people but there are many casses that are pending,help them,y me..what relation do we have sir????
Arjun gets speachless…..
RAdhika goes……

Ram slaps a man.
Ram:i am stupid to give this work to u,u just failed in it and u even cant get a commo girl,god y r u with me..from now i will not believe u,i will directly do this work..RAdhika sweetheart i am coming

Aishu:radhika where do u go
RAdhika:aishu please dont ask me anything,i will explain to u tomorrow,i have to sleep
Aishu:radhika we need a house now
RAdhika:y what when

Aishu:actually the house owner’s son is coming with his family so he need us to vaccate from here within this week
RAdhika:wat aishu there is just two days wat the bull shit,i will talk to him
Asihu:no chances i talked but he is talking sentimentally
RAdhika:goddd y all the bad comes to me,
ARjun calls radhika,radhika cuts the call..,
RAdhika:have u said to karthi
Aishu:yes,he is searching but the house owners are not giving houses for single girls.
RAdhika keeps her hand in his head..
ARjun again calls radhika,radhika cuts it.

Aishu:whos it
RAdhika:no its just a company
Aishu:radhu what can we do
ARjun again calls radhika
Aishu:hey give me ur phone,i will deal the company.
Aishu plucks the phone.
Aishu:helo dont u have sense y do u often call her nd disturb her,i will not spare u rascal,tell me ur i will come to ur house nd kill u.
RAdhika:aishu give the phone.
RAdhika plucks it nd says no need.
Karthi comes to aishu’s house.
Karthi:radhika dont u have sense.
Karthi comes and hugs radhika.

RAdhika and aishu sees each other.
Karthi:radhika u dont have to be alone,u and aishu shift to my house,i will take care of u both
Aishu:karthi wat happened??
Karthi:did she not tell to u
Karthi:actually afternoon she went to restaurant and says the whole story.

RAdhika :karthi how do u know
Karthi:my frnd doesnt tell to me so arjun said to me
RAdhika:oh this arjun i will not leave him
Aishu:radhika why are u being so careless,be safe on road.
(actually arjun doesnt say to karthi about ram,he just said somone shot missed nd shot to radhika)
Karthi:aishu u said u need house,snegha aunty will give her house she said
Aishu:ahh close to her house
Radhika:no no y there

Aishu:hm ok karthi.
Karthi:home problem solved but this idiot radhika doesnt utter a word to me,rascal
Aishu:yes even not to me,radhika
RAdhika:guys its just a missed shot
Karthi:watever if anything happpened to u
RAdhika:so what
Aishu slaps radhika.
Aishu:if u utter a word like this i wil kill u,radhu u r not our friend u r our soul ,our life okay so just keep in mind.
Karthi:aishu y did u slap her
Asihu:no karthi she deserves it
RAdhika cries
Karthi:radhu ma dont cry
Aishu:this is ur punishment,dont speak like this,
Radhika:y do u guys care,i dont want anyone in my life,u just came now only know,u dont have rights on me
TEars fall down from aishu’s eyes.

RAdhika realises wat she said.
RAdhika:aishu sorry,i didnt mean it
Karthi:aishu she doesnt mean it
Asihu:no stop,the words u said is came from ur heart.
RAdhika:no aishu sorry
Aishu:no karthi this time u should not support radhika.
RAdhika:aishu sorry really i didnt mean it,it just sorry
Aishu:no radhu its the truth i dont have rights on u,u said correct

Aishu:i mistaked u radhu
Radhika:sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry.
rADhika says sorry for a lomg time till aishu speaks
Aishu:stop it radhu,words are sharp than sword
RAdhika:ok aishu kill me with the knife
RAdhika takes the knife
Aishu:who i am to kill u
RAdhika thinks i can cut my hand then aishu will speak

RAdhika cuts the hand
Aishu:radhika dont u have sense,i will speak with u.
Aishu takes the knife from her nd says u just out of ur mind.
RAdhika:i am sorry
Aishu hugs radhika
KArthi:what without me hug
Aishu smiles seeing him.
KArthi comes and joins him

RAdhika:guys actualy i didnt cut my hand,its tomato.Bcoz knife had tomato sauce in it when i took from kitchen,i just kept it in my hand,it just looked like blood so i managed with that.
Aishu nd karthi sees her hand.
Aishu:radhika u r just a fraud
RAdhika:all credit to my guru
Asihu:whos it

RAdhika sees karthi
Karthi:no..yess actually thats my girl,radhika u have followed all the footsteps of ur guru
Aishu:guys i will not leave u too
Karthi and radhika runs,,
RAdhika goes inside the restroom.
Aishu:i wil see u later,first i will finish ur guru
Aishu goes behind karthi.
Asihu :karthi stop
Karthi stops suddenly
Aishu dashes with him.
Aishu turns
KArthi catches her hand nd pulls her closer

KArthi:aishu u want to kill me right,first kill my lips
ASihu:karthi leave if radhika sees then she will make a big drama
Karthi:no problem
Karthi goes close to her cheeks nd kiss her softly nd leaves her.
Aishu smiles .
THey hear the sound of door opening
they move away..,
Radhika:guys my stomach is empty,can we go out nd eat paani pori
Aishu:no nad for health
KArthi sees aishu nd says radhu come we can go and aishu all is bad for health even love but we need take it rightly
RAdhika:nothing understood guru
KArthi:leave it my dear come lts go
RAdhika happily goes.

AIshu thinks nd smiles nd goes with them
THe trio goes nd finishes the paani poori nd goes to home.

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