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Kiku Sharda REACTS on Kapil Sharma being accused of plagiarism

Abijit Ganguly,Kiku Sharda and Kapil Sharma

Kiku Sharda comes to the rescue to Kapil Sharma in the plagiarism case

Abijit Ganguly,Kiku Sharda and Kapil Sharma
Abijit Ganguly,Kiku Sharda and Kapil Sharma

A friend in need is a friend indeed. Kapil Sharma can definitely say this about Kiku Sharda. The funnyman has been Kapil’s constant support throughout the entire drama that has unfolded around the star comedian in the past months and more. The latest occasion when Kiku has come to the rescue is after Abhijit Ganguly claimed that Kapil stole one of his popular shows and used it on The Kapil Sharma Show, without credit of course! While Kapil has kept shut, Kiku has come to his defense. In a statement to The Times of India, Kiku said, “We are a big team and brainstorm before every episode. Someone cracked this joke and we made it a part of the script. It is possible that the same idea came to our writers, or maybe they had heard it somewhere. It is not that we do not use popular SMS or WhatsApp jokes. We can’t keep track of who cracked what joke and when.”

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Kiku has been the only one besides Kapil Sharma throughout this period. One should remember that Kapil also supported him when he got arrested for the defamatory statements against Baba Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh Ji Insaan last year. Today, Kiku is the only one besides Kapil Sharma’s side when Sunil Grover, Ali Asghar and Chandan Prabhakar have left him after the infamous mid-air fight on board the Air India flight from Australia to India. It was reported how a drunk Kapil insulted them, especially Sunil by throwing a shoe at him.

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In his statement on Facebook, Abhijit wrote, “I had released a stand-up bit on YouTube and FB on ‘having an elder brother’ around two weeks back. One of the jokes in the routine is an observational joke on how from Kapil Dev to Zaheer Khan (citing some other names, such as Harbhajan Singh, Srinath, Kumble) all successful Indian bowlers have coincidentally been younger brothers, leading to the punch of ‘Do you realise how weird it is that India’s bowling strength depends on the fact that elder brothers never let younger brothers ever bat.”

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