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Channing Tatum Takes on Halle Berry’s Dare and Dresses as Frozen Princess


Channing Tatum had to dress up like a princess and sing Frozen tune Let It Go on TV as payback for making Halle Berry chug a pint of bourbon.

In a taped appearance on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, the Magic Mike star was reminded of his dare at July’s (17) Comic-Con event in San DiegoCalifornia, when he forced his Kingsman: The Golden Circleco-star to knock back whiskey.

Making an appearance on the same show a week ago, Halle confessed she was sick for three days after the stunt, prompting Ellen to suggest payback.

The host asked the actress to write down a dare on a card and seal it in an envelope, which she opened during her chat with Channing.

It read: “Dress up like a princess and sing Let It Go.”

Tatum gamely agreed to the dare, donning a purple dress and a blonde wig while singing the Frozentune.

He previously attempted to apologize to Halle by sending four hunks from his Las Vegas Magic Mikerevue to dance for her when she appeared on the Ellen show.

It’s not the first time Channing has donned drag on TV – he strutted his stuff to Beyonce’s Girls (Run the World) dressed as the R&B diva during a Lip Sync Battle showdown with his wife Jenna Dewan-TatumBeyonce was so impressed, she joined the actor onstage.

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