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Beyhadh: 3 sequences that prove the Kushal Tandon-Jennifer Winget thriller is the hottest show on TV


Beyhadh is proving to be Beyhadh hot…Don’t you agree with this?


We must thank the makers of Beyhadh for a number of things. It is the first genuine thriller on Indian TV. It has showed what a powerhouse performer Jennifer Winget is and it has given fans the sexy jodi of ArYa. Mind you, this is not a couple who willingly die for each other. Their relationship is a very toxic one. However, they have an unbeatable chemistry. From the sky high proposal to the sensuous haldi sequence and the consummation sequence last night, the makers have pushed limits. The Censors have also been kind to them to pass off some of the stuff on TV.

Last night, we saw a sequence where Maya (Jennifer Winget) pretends to be distraught as she tries to scrub off the marks of sexual assault from her body. Though he hates her, Arjun (Kushal Tandon) is moved and takes her under the shower. They share some cozy moments and he carries her to the bed to make love to her. Though Maya is pretending, Arjun wants her to forget the scars and move on. We feel bad for Arjun seeing how genuine his love is for his tormented wife. It makes us wish that Maya gets well and they end up together.

But the hottest one has to be when Maya decided to tattoo her name on Arjun’s chest. Dressed in a white silk shirt, she literally held him captive as she inked him. Fans went into a tizzy and we were like hawww! It is a surprise that Censors passed it without any issues. Fans will remember it for the longest time. Rasiya played in the background and we saw fire on screen.

The intimate romance in the haldi sequence was more juvenile compared to what we saw thereafter. It was also a trigger to what to expect in a tale of passion and obsession. Arjun applied haldi on Maya with his cheeks and viewers had their eyes popping out.

Beyhadh would have sort of fallen flat if Jennifer and Kushal did not have this level of chemistry. Jennifer has had great chemistry with most of her co-stars but Kushal has been a revelation. The show is a tale of love and obsession and seduction also plays a role in it. Jennifer has broken the stereotype of leading ladies with the show and this sizzling chemistry is the talk of the town. Which scene was your favourite?Drop your thoughts in the comment section below.

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